Car Donation Tax Deduction – Give in Order to Receive!

Donate means to give money, food, clothes, etc. in order to help a person or organization. It also means to contribute to a public or charitable cause. If you are too busy to prepare those things or simply just don’t want to do it but willing to help other people. Then let the Mother Waddles handle those things for you. Car donation tax deduction to us.

Click here to see why to donate car if you can donate cash? There’s no problem if you want to donate cash, but here at Mother Waddles we strongly implement our Car donation tax deduction program. It aims to helps not only the disadvantaged but also our donor who is supporting our program for the poorest.

Car donation tax deduction

Car donation tax deduction

I understand that you help the disadvantaged, but you help the donor as well? I think I miss that point? Well let me elaborate you our Car donation tax deduction program. Our way to help donor is by providing them free towing service when they donate old vehicle. You can get that wrecked car out of your yard and free up space in your garage at zero cost to you.

When you make Car donation tax deduction to MW, we will assist and advise you in preparing legal papers needed. If you donate cash you can’t get anything as a reward. If you donate old vehicle you can get maximum tax deduction. That’s why we strongly implement to donate old vehicle to us rather than cash. Don’t fall into charity that offers incentives like free vacation when you donate old vehicle.

Because we consider it as dirty tactics to get donor. For example for your donated vehicle you can get $500 maximum Car donation tax deduction. But to those charity with incentives you can only get $300 tax deduction because the $200 excess goes to your vacation package. It simply means that you pay for your vacation. Donate car tax deduction to Mother Waddles and feel our honesty.